Defining Homebound Patients

Sometimes just getting to the doctor can be difficult when you have a chronic illness or disability. The term homebound patient care comes from the system, home health care, and is a place for some older Americans through the Medicare program. Healthcare programs allow people to stay in their homes and still get the same level of care, if not better, that they would get by going to their doctor. When receiving homebound care, you or a loved one can maintain your independence with the help of a visiting home nurse. At Visiting Nurse Services, we offer a private home care agency on Long Island with in-home nursing services and healthcare for homebound patients.


Homebound Patients 

If you have trouble leaving your home without help or it takes a major effort to leave the house, you can be considered a homebound patient. Patients who receive homebound care start their home health care journey, requiring a skilled at-home visiting nurse to help them with doctor visits, physical therapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy. If you or a loved one is recovering from hospitalization from a chronic illness that requires skilled nursing or any therapy, you may want to consider some of the services at our offices. Private home care agency on long island

  • Occupational Therapy –Registered OTs help patients develop, recover, improve and maintain strength for everyday life activities. 
  • Speech Therapy-assist patients with problems in eating and speaking.
  • Medical Social Worker- Able to provide counseling aided patients and families coping with stress due to an illness or trauma. 
  • Registered nurse- At VNS, our RNs assist you with home health care needs, disease management and treatment, administering medication, and dressing wounds.
  • Home healthcare aide- covered by insurance, providing assistant care to patients under the supervision of a skilled clinician. 
  • Wound care and Enterostomal Therapy– treat and manage pressure sores, wounds, skin care, and post-surgical, vascular, and traumatic injury wounds for a successful healing process.
  • Nutritional counseling and Diabetic Education – offers tube feeding for nutritional and hydration requirements.
  • Telehealth virtual visits– Measures patient care remotely. 
  • Medical Transportation 


Private Home Care Agency on Long Island.

If you or a loved one require private home health care on Long Island, give us a call at 631-261-7200 or view our website to get more information and schedule an appointment with us to get the right service for you and your loved ones. At Visiting Nurse Services, our private home care agency on Long Island, we will provide you with the at-home nursing and rehabilitation services you need.

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