Hospice Care and Advance Care Planning: The Connection

Patients with terminal illnesses can find comfort, symptom reduction, and pain control through hospice in Ridge NY and palliative care. During palliative care, patients may receive aggressive curative therapy. If the disease progresses normally, hospice care in Ridge NY is only given to terminally ill patients during their last six months of life when treatment is no longer curative. hospice in Ridge NY

What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice in Ridge NY respects patients’ autonomy, comfort, and dignity. To develop a unique plan that addresses each patient’s medical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual requirements, Visiting Nurse Service & Hospice of Suffolk collaborates with them, their doctor, and their family. Hospice, a family-centered care approach, places equal emphasis on the patient’s family and friends as it does on the patient. Patients experience a few of the pressures related to the end of life while surrounded by the ones they value most. Hospice care places a strong emphasis on providing efficient pain and symptom treatment together with family-supportive counseling services.

The patient’s primary care physician or nurse practitioner, as well as the hospice physician and nurse practitioner, oversee all aspects of treatment. As they participate in our grieving program, counseling, and memorial services with the help of our social worker, loved ones are better equipped to cope with their loss.

What Is Advance Care Planning?

Advance care planning entails talking about and preparing for future medical care decisions in the event that you become seriously ill or unable to express your wishes. The key to advance care planning is honest conversations with your loved ones. Many people also decide to formalize their preferences by filling out advance directives, which are legal documents.

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Hospice in Ridge NY has the ability to show families how much may be shared at the end of life through kinship and spiritual ties is its greatest gift. Many family members and friends typically reflect on their time at a hospice with gratitude and the awareness that everything was done to provide a peaceful death. Contact Visiting Nurse Service and Hospice of Suffolk to learn more about our Hospice Care and Advance Care Planning. 

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